Thursday, January 10, 2013

Recent posts by CEU graduate students

Recently, Regionomist authors have written posts about regional development and transportation issues around the globe. For example, Gábor Gyurkó discussed how roads - beyond military power and economic might-  have shaped the outreach of empires throughout human history presenting the example of royal highways and the Persian Empire. What is the link between city growth and the clothing in Bangladesh?Md Masud Karim talked about how outsourcing shaped Dhaka. The role of infrastructure was emphasized by Valeria Shestak who looked at the impact of a new port in Odessa as well as by Ivan Vovkanych who talked about how investments mattered in Singapore. Clusters and science park projects remain interesting, Krisztina Horvath discussed a new project around Paris while Péter Csárdás asked if a science hub makes sense in Budapest. Any many many more interesting posts - check it out!


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