Monday, June 3, 2013

Recent posts by ELTEcon students

In the past few months, folks from the ELTEcon posted on Regionomist and their topics varied a great deal from European regional topics, to Hungarian transport policy, from clusters to cities.

There have been some really interesting posts. Considering that several European people or regions consider secession of their country, the post by Ambrus Bárány considered economic consequences of exit by Catalonia from Spain. He looked at trade and market potential and found that the impact would be severe economically. Rozália Kepes discussed the social consequences of urban design in a piece with high buildings and the great Jane Jacobs. And no blog is worthwhile without posts on good food - and thanks to Balázs Szabo, we have a nice post on Italian clusters of prosciutto.
And hey, some of the posts have been really popular. The arguments for revival of trams in France by Ákos Budai was seen by almost five hundred readers!


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